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TEFL Course Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo overwhelms your senses with its multitude of skyscrapers and an almost indefinable charm. Whatever thrills you might surmise ‘Sampa’, as the city is also known, probably has them in spades. A TEFL program in Sao Paulo let the city guide you to its favourite haunts and its vibrant culture will begin to unfold with the city’s art-house cinemas and experimental theatres. This fertile cultural life is a result of the diverse mix of inhabitants ranging from Japanese, Italian, German and sizable Chinese, Korean, Arab, Hungarian and Polish communities. The round the clock pulse of the city will hike up your TEFL experience with full of astounding experiences and lip smacking foods. Sao Paulo's cuisine is reflected in the city' smart bistros and local restaurants which make the city a world famous food haven. A TEFL program in Sao Paulo not only enriches your teaching skills with all the contemporary methods but also enchants you with its majesty and beckons you to linger in the city.

  • 4 weeks on-site TESOL/TEFL Program
  • Comprehensive 120 hours in-class TEFL program
  • Extremely beneficial teaching practice class

A TEFL program in the splendid city of Sao Paulo holds a 4 weeks comprehensive on-site TEFL training. This is an intensive 120 hours in-class TEFL program where you get the opportunity to learn about modern TEFL theories, lesson planning and preparation and classroom management. During the in-class training program, you will get to grasp all the knowledge you need to successfully share in your TEFL class. The most beneficial part of this TEFL program is the teaching practice as the sessions help you to implement the lessons taught in the program and polish their own flaws before they start working as an ESL/EFL teacher. TEFL Program Sao Paulo provides you with the best teaching skills so that you can confidently start their teaching career in a foreign classroom.

  • Easy instalment payment options
  • Reasonable fee

TEFL Program in Sao Paulo is available at a reasonable course fee of 2000 USD and prepares you to face any global TEFL classroom with ease and comfort. Once you have decided to take a TEFL program in Sao Paulo, you can pay a deposit amount of 500 USD primarily to enrol with us and can easily reserve a seat in this 4 weeks' TEFL program. You can then make the final payment of 1500 USD on your arrival in Sao Paulo before the program commencement date. The accommodation fee will be charged additionally. All related information like pick-up, visa, lodging, etc will be provided to you after you confirm for the program.

Asian College of Teachers’ 4 weeks TEFL program Sao Paulo is a flexible program conducted throughout the year and the trainees can apply as per their convenience.

TEFL Course in Sao Paulo 2018 dates
  • 8 January – 2 February
  • 5 February – 2 March
  • 5 March – 30 March
  • 2 April – 27 April
  • 7 May – 1 June
  • 4 June – 29 June
  • 2 July – 27 July
  • 6 August – 31 August
  • 3 September – 28 September
  • 1 October – 26 October
  • 29 October – 23 November
  • 26 November – 21 December
  • You are offered variety of accommodation
  • You can also opt for their own accommodation

ACT offers you an array of accommodation options to suit your choice during your TEFL program and you can choose from a variety of hotels, hostels and private home spread all over the city. Hotel Rei Palisita, Jomar, Municipal Palace are the hotels you can opt for. These hotels are close to the training centre. ‘Pousada’ are comparatively low ranged hotels you can choose. You can also choose to stay in inexpensive hostels adjacent to the school. You can opt for accommodation here one day prior to the commencement of the training and can continue staying till the afternoon after the completion of the training. Private home would be best option if you want a taste of the authentic Brazilian culture.

A city like Sao Paulo has stored the sense of bewilderment especially for the first time visitors as the city has emerged as the most modish metropolitan zone among the Brazilian sun and beach circuit. Sao Paulo offers an intense experience from the moment you step down from the plane. Sao Paulo brings to you a perfect fusion of cuisines, cultures and vibrant nightlife which are reflected in the many restaurants, theatres and operas. TEFL Sao Paulo is a beehive of activity that offers you a round the clock a pulsating and gastronomic journey. The Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Municipal Theatre, Parque do Ibirapuera, Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Sé, Pátio do Colégio, Mosteiro de São Bento have completely restored the city’s cultural grandeur.

  • TEFL Course Sao Paulo opens door for a variety of career paths
  • You will get 100% job assistance

The constant economic growth of Brazil has given a rapid rise to the demand of TEFL teachers. A TEFL program in Sao Paulo, the financial heart of the entire South American continent offers you the best TEFL training and job opportunities. Equipped with the contemporary TEFL/ TESOL teaching methodologies you can apply for the various teaching positions in and around Brazil. Asian College of Teachers is committed to providing you with the constant support as you will be given complete assistance during and after the TEFL program when it comes to EFL/ESL jobs. Brazilians harbour a strong desire to learn and the EFL sphere is wider than you imagine. You can also work in language institutes and also try in sectors such as sales and marketing and can even get into broadcasting. The salary of an English teacher in Brazil is quite high especially in Sao Paulo where you can make a lot of money teaching EFL/ESL. Native English teachers in Brazil can expect to make R$20-40 an hour teaching at a school, and somewhere around R$40-60 an hour giving private lessons.

  • Globally recognized certificate is awarded on successful completion
  • Tutors provide extensive support to the trainees

In today’s competitive global job market there is a growing demand for trained EFL/ESL teachers who have a thorough idea about the latest methods and approaches of TEFL. But mere knowledge of the subject does not count unless a certificate is provided. A certificate makes a huge difference when it comes to seeking employment across the globe. The trainees will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and TESOL Canada on successful completion of Certificate TEFL course. The trainees can also avail an additional certificate from College of Birmingham (COB) at an extra cost.

Asian College of Teachers lends all kinds of support to the trainees from the time they get enrolled till the placement assistance after the completion of the course. Trainees pursuing TEFL courses will be offered complete tutor support to enhance their teaching skills and are provided with the opportunities to reflect on the different areas of this program. They will make the trainees familiarize with the different aspects of teaching and learning of a language.

TEFL/TESOL courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are certified by the prestigious British Awarding body Training Qualifications, United Kingdom and we are a TQUK Approved Centre now.

  • ACT is accredited by distinguished organizations
  • TEFL TEFL programs are certified by Global Training Academy, College of Birmingham

Accreditation is a process which plays an important role for an educational institution as it is all about meeting set standards of quality and is an ongoing evaluation which encourages constant improvement. It acts as a vital tool to monitor and assess the standard and quality of education. TEFL could be a great way to travel and experience the unique cultures, explore beautiful locations while enjoying the rewards of helping the locals improve their English language skills.

The program provides a comprehensive training on all the contemporary approaches of teaching English as a foreign language. On successful completion of the program the trainees are jointly certified by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and UK based Global Training Academy and interested trainees can avail additional certificate from College of Birmingham (COB) by paying additional fees. The certificate is globally recognized making the trainees eligible for better TEFL opportunities.

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