TEFL Course New York

TEFL Course New York

If you really want to experience life in New York, the potpourri of cultures and get a flavor of its art, music, food and above all its people, then you must enroll in the TEFL course New York to have an experience of a life time. TEFL Course New York is a 120 hours residential program covering a period of four weeks. It is a comprehensive course designed to equip the trainees with practical teaching skills and thorough understanding of TEFL methods. TEFL Course New York has an in-depth content starting from the basics of the English language teaching like grammar and phonetics to foreign language awareness, classroom management and lesson planning. The progress of the trainees is closely monitored followed by a detailed assessment by the skilled tutors. TEFL Course New York will be an intensive learning experience and will instill a sense of confidence among the trainees so that they do not face any problem while teaching a bunch of budding English speakers.

  • 4 weeks on-site TESOL/TEFL Certification Program
  • Comprehensive 120 hours in-class course
  • Extremely beneficial 8 hours teaching practice class

TEFL Course in New York holds a 4 weeks intensive in-class TEFL training program. During the in-class training course, you will learn all the essential skills and knowledge you need to successfully deliver in your own TEFL class. In a comprehensive 120 hours in-class TEFL course you will have the opportunity to learn about modern TEFL methods, lesson planning and preparation and of course, classroom management. The teaching practice classes are extremely beneficial for the trainees as the sessions help them to get a reflection of a real teaching experience and polish their own flaws before they start working as an ESL/EFL teacher. TEFL Course New York provides a detailed comprehension of techniques of TESOL/TEFL so that the teachers can confidently start their teaching career in a foreign classroom.

  • Course can be availed at a reasonable price
  • Easy installment payment options

TESOL Course London enables you to get a grasp of the contemporary TEFL/ TESOL teaching methodologies which you can avail at a reasonable course fee of 1832 USD. The interested applicants can first pay a deposit amount of 500 USD to enroll with us and can easily reserve a seat in this 4 weeks' TEFL course. The trainees can make the final payment of 1332 USD and the accommodation fee on their arrival in London before the course commencement date. All information related to pick-up, visa, lodging, etc will be provided to you after your seat is confirmed for the course. At a very reasonable fee this course prepares you to face any global TEFL/ TESOL classroom with confidence and ease.

Asian College of Teachers’ 4 weeks TEFL course in New York is a flexible course conducted throughout the year and the trainees can apply as per their convenience.

TEFL Course in New York 2018 dates
  • 8 January – 2 February
  • 5 February – 2 March
  • 30 April – 25 May
  • 4 June – 29 June
  • 2 July – 27 July
  • 6 August – 31 August
  • 4 September – 28 September
  • 1 October – 26 October
  • 29 October – 23 November
  • 26 November – 21 December

Since our training center is located in the most fascinating part in midtown Manhattan, only steps away from Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd street/8th Avenue) and a 15-minute walk from Grand Central, the trainees are recommended to stay in hostels or private rooms around midtown Manhattan, at the heart of the city. The 24-hour access to restaurants, bars and entertainment sites are guaranteed there and after classes the trainees can get immersed in a city which is full of energy and excitement.

Private Rooms can be arranged based on availability. The school works together with landlords in Brooklyn, Queens, Union City or Manhattan. They start at 650 USD for 4 weeks. Those rooms are given on a first-come first-serve basis.

New York City hostels feature 24-hour reception, Internet access and luggage storage. Most hostels have a guest kitchen and shared bathroom. The price range varies according to room types, from dorm-rooms with multiple occupancy or private occupancy. Multiple-occupancy room rates start from 210 USD per week. Private hostel rooms are more than 65 USD per night. You will find hostel reviews on www.hostels.com.

New York City also referred to as “The Big Apple” is one of the most captivating cities of the world and a favored destination for would be TEFL teachers. Those interested to take TEFL course in New York can look forward to a unique experience living and learning in a gorgeous city where they will come across expert teaching staff who impart knowledge and training to fit the needs of the trainees. New York has always been a potpourri of various cultures in spite of being a city full of American icons, the Statue of Liberty being the most significant one. New York is marked by its diversity; the urban energy is highly palpable in every corner of the city and remains a major fashion, financial and intellectual hub of the world.

New York is home to diverse population like African American and Asian American in the United States alongside the largest Puerto Rican, Dominican and Jamaican American populations making the country a melting pot of unique cultures, ethnicities and languages. New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world and it is also the most multicultural city in the United States. Many international students and immigrants move to New York every year, so finding EFL/ESL jobs will not be difficult as there are TEFL jobs galore in New York and other cities in United States as there is no dearth of English learners in New York. Teaching English in New York gives you more than just teaching. It is going to be a whole new experience altogether.

New York offers many teaching opportunities for the EFL/ESL teacher. Most of our certified students find jobs rather quickly in either general teaching or business English. One week or two weeks of intensive search is not uncommon to land up with a job. Salaries may range from $16 to $50/hour depending on the type of English you teach.

  • Globally recognized certificate is awarded on successful completion
  • Tutors provide extensive support to the trainees

In today’s competitive global job market there is a growing demand for trained EFL/ESL teachers who have a thorough idea about the latest methods and approaches of TEFL. But mere knowledge of the subject does not count unless a certificate is provided. A certificate makes a huge difference when it comes to seeking employment across the globe. The trainees will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and TESOL Canada on successful completion of Certificate TEFL course. The trainees can also avail an additional certificate from College of Birmingham (COB) at an extra cost.

Asian College of Teachers lends all kinds of support to the trainees from the time they get enrolled till the placement assistance after the completion of the course. Trainees pursuing TEFL courses will be offered complete tutor support to enhance their teaching skills and are provided with the opportunities to reflect on the different areas of this program. They will make the trainees familiarize with the different aspects of teaching and learning of a language.

TEFL/TESOL courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are certified by the prestigious British Awarding body Training Qualifications, United Kingdom and we are a TQUK Approved Centre now.

  • ACT is accredited by distinguished organizations
  • TEFL programs are certified by Global Training Academy, College of Birmingham

Accreditation is a process which plays an important role for an educational institution as it is all about meeting set standards of quality and is an ongoing evaluation which encourages constant improvement. It acts as a vital tool to monitor and assess the standard and quality of education. TEFL could be a great way to travel and experience the unique cultures, explore beautiful locations while enjoying the rewards of helping the locals improve their English language skills.

The program provides a comprehensive training on all the contemporary approaches of teaching English as a foreign language. On successful completion of the program the trainees are jointly certified by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and UK based Global Training Academy and interested trainees can avail additional certificate from College of Birmingham (COB) by paying additional fees. The certificate is globally recognized making the trainees eligible for better TEFL opportunities.

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